Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

Who's advising these people??

Ram Jethmalani had refused to appear before Justice B.N. Agarwal in the Ansals case. So, Justice B.N. Agarwal recused himself, and us mere mortals saw it as the most blatantly abusive forum choosing exercise ever.

But there was some logic to it. The case had no chance before BNA. It might have got relief before someone else, so why not?

But our ladies with the lost footwear, those contemnors who had finally got some relief from Justice Agarwal, filed an application asking BNA to recuse himself from the case, because, he has admitted in public that he is not a Sanyasi who can keep his temper in check when a former Law Minister accuses him of shielding the corrupt judges. Oh, and the application, apart from containing their usual contemptuous stuff like Supreme Court judges are conspiring in the Genocide (!!!) against them and should be capitally punished, was garnished with a little prayer seeking a trial for Goolam Vahanvati on the charge of criminal conspiracy for giving an anti-constitutional opinion to the Court in their matter.

So..... today, Justice Agarwal recused himself from the matter with a smile, Mr. Vahanvati also found an excuse for his discharge from the matter, but the ladies seemed a little upset when Justice Singhvi told them that they cannot pass any further orders when one of the Judges has recused himself from the matter.

These ladies are on a roll, recording one win after another in these little battles. But where are they headed??


  1. example of handicapped........darpok ............... judiciary

  2. Part of the answer to your concluding question may be on their website:
    The whole episode seems to show how frustrated the legal system can leave even an apparently peace-loving woman music teacher. It makes one wonder: Did anyone in the government, which is running on tax payers' money try to address their seemingly genuine concerns about the legal system, yet?